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So what the heck is a 
Sex Therapist?

Great question. A sex therapist is a specialized professional with education, training and experience in the field of human sexuality as well as psychotherapy. My job is to assess your concerns and issues specific to sexual problems and look for ways that will allow you to improve / enhance your sexual health and relationship(s).
My Approach and Perspective 

My approach includes a deep belief in the inner wisdom and strength of the individual. I believe in our great capacity to increase our skills and insight towards bio-psycho-social health (ie. integration of the mind and body). Together with my clients, we travel on an inner journey to discover the client’s truth and resolve concerns in order to live more complete and satisfied lives. 

I'm experienced with many theoretical orientations so that I am not limited to any one therapeutic styles. I draw from attachment theory, trauma theory, and the importance of social justice. Therapy can be a corrective experience for many who have never felt loved, accepted and affirmed. I do not believe that people are broken, they may feel broken and I hope to help them see their wholeness. 

After all, what works well for one person may not be as effective with another. You'll find that no matter what type of work we are doing, I'm always extremely attentive to how you think, feel and act in order to help you develop and explore strategies to sharpen and empower the way you life your life. 

Number of sessions? 

Sex counseling and education is often approached with a short term, solution-oriented counseling and education plan, though some clients are seen over a much longer duration of sessions. Together we will discuss what fits your goals, needs and your finances. 

What happens in a session?

A typical first visit is usually approx. 80 min. in length and includes an assessment of the presenting problem and/or concern and an overall relevant history. We then set up times to meet.

Most ongoing session are 50 minutes in length and involve discussion, lots of time for you to talk as well as ask questions. We spend time talking about current concerns and even past influences. Suggested readying and home assignments are ways to speed you toward your goals. 

Sex Therapy is conducted in a legitimate and ethically-based psychotherapy style. Sessions do not involve physical or sexual contact of any kind, nor nudity. While we may discuss sexual issues and information, sex therapists are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner with their clients at all times.  

  • Sex Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Individuals 
  • Couples Therapy

Topics Include​
  • Sexual functioning
  • Navigating Non-Mainstream Relationships (polyamory, CNM - consensual non-monogamy)
  • Kink/BDSM Fetish Interests
  • Understanding and managing sexual interests and activities
  • Relationship Fractures
  • Sex Education
  • Group Therapy

Anna Randall
DHS, LCSW, MPH 650.453.8709
 Anna Randall, MSW, DHS, MPH  l   650-453-8709  l

I am also trained in the multidisciplinary sexual science of Sexology. Proud to call myself a Clinical Sexologist. Distinctively holistic, sexologists approach the person and their relationship with their sexual selves within the context of their daily lives including their beliefs, attractions, culture, health, psychology and unique erotic profile. I welcome every identity, orientation and sexual interests especially those feel their sexuality may be misunderstood, feel out of control or feel stigmatized or marginalized.

My outlook is sexually affirming – believing that people benefit when they reduce their levels of guilt and shame, allowing them conciousness and choice in their sexual expression. Learn to celebrate your sexuality, your body and your connection to it.

I take seriously the level of integrity and respect required to do this work and feel privileged to help you with your sexual and relationship concerns.