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I am accepting new individual clients at this time. 

Meet Dr Randall

Sex Therapist, Researcher and International Lecturer


What the Heck is a Sex Therapist

A sex therapist is a specialized professional with education, training and experience in the field of human sexuality as well as psychotherapy. My job is to assess your concerns and issues specific to sexual problems and look for ways that will allow you to improve / enhance your sexual health and relationship(s).

My Approach and Perspective 

My approach includes a deep belief in the inner wisdom and strength of the individual. I believe in our great capacity to increase our skills and insight towards bio-psycho-social health (ie. integration of the mind and body). Together with my clients, we travel on an inner journey to discover the client’s truth and resolve concerns in order to live more complete and satisfied lives. 

I'm experienced with many theoretical orientations so that I am not limited to any one therapeutic styles. I draw from attachment theory, trauma theory, and the importance of social justice. Therapy can be a corrective experience for many who have never felt loved, accepted and affirmed. I do not believe that people are broken, they may feel broken and I hope to help them see their wholeness. 

I work with depression and grief, trust and self-esteem, concerns about intimacy, alternative lifestyles, communication as well as psychological and emotional pain. I see folks who experience anxiety, ADHD and are on the autism spectrum. Some feel emotionally dysregulated. Importantly, I strive to address individual and couple problems without bias and provide innovative solutions to individual and couples with unique issues.  


I'm comfortable and very familiar with a wide range of lifestyles, values and attitudes, and my sense of humor and informality is sure to put you at ease.  I know about other referral resources to help provide support in almost any situation. If I am not the right person for you, I will help you find someone who may be.

DHS -  Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
MPH - Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
MSW - Boston University School of Social Work 
BFA - Illinois Wesleyan University

Executive Director TASHRA - The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance


A Bit About Me

I wear many hats. Formally, I am a sex therapist and Clinical Social Worker licensed in the state of California. I am trained in the multidisciplinary sexual science of sexology and do clinical therapy work as a sex therapist. I also am co-founder and executive director of a non profit research and training organization building erotic literacy and reducing stigma and  the devastating effects of sexual shame.

Distinctively holistic, sexologists approach the person and their relationship with their sexual selves within the context of their daily lives including their beliefs, attractions, culture, health, psychology and unique erotic profile. I welcome every identity, orientation and sexual interests especially those feel their sexuality may be misunderstood, feel out of control or feel stigmatized or marginalized.


My outlook is sexually affirming – believing that people benefit when they reduce their levels of guilt and shame, allowing them conciousness and choice in their sexual expression. Learn to celebrate your sexuality, your body and your connection to it.


I take seriously the level of integrity and respect required to do this work and feel privileged to help you with your sexual and relationship concerns. 

I am a 30 year resident of northern California with a varied background and professional experience in healthcare, media, the arts and corporate world. When I am not seeing clients, I am the executive director of a sexuality non-profit doing research on the health of marginalized sexual communities and train therapists around the world on providing clinically compassionate care. 

Passion Led Us Here

What I do









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