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About Sexual Health

Sexual shame is far too pervasive in this world. I became a sex therapist because I wanted stop the all-too-familiar experience when people reveal their sexual desires, fantasies and urges to others  and are all-too-often told how out-of-control, sick and perverted they are. My goal is to help people find their way to sexual life that is pleasurable, satisfying and authentic to them.  

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Discovering Sex Therapy

Do you have questions about sex and relationships? You're not alone. Sexual concerns are extremely common.


You might be experiencing fallout from an affair, a loss of desire for sex, difficulty with sexual performance or wanting more pleasure from your sexual experiences. 

You might just want to discuss some intimate sexual questions in a confidential place with someone knowledgeable and compassionate.


Your sexual interests or relationships might be adventurous or edgy or taboo and you have been searching for a therapist comfortable and qualified to talk with you without judgment. . 

Old traumas may be getting in the way of good sex.


You might be concerned about whether your sexual interests and actions are excessive; I offer non pathologizing approaches to those concerns. 


Whether you are single, coupled or have more than one partner, a satisfying sex life is something most people desire. 


Discussing sex can be difficult for many of us. my job is to  help make it easier to discuss and even more importantly, help you give and get the sexual life you want.  

Session Work

Number of sessions? 

Don't you hate it when someone says, "it depends"? But, sex counseling and education is often approached with a short term, solution-oriented counseling and education plan, and can be 10- 12 sessions. Though some clients, especially couples, get be best results when we have established trust & safety and a over a much longer duration of sessions. Together, we will discuss what fits your goals, needs and of course, your finances. My job is to get you out and living your lives. We both have lots of change to make happen in the world.


What happens in a session?

A typical first visit is usually approx. 80 min. in length and includes an assessment of the presenting problem and/or concern and an overall relevant history. We then set up times to meet.

Most ongoing session are 50 minutes in length and involve discussion, lots of time for you to talk as well as ask questions. We spend time talking about current concerns and even past influences. Suggested reading and home assignments are ways to speed you toward your goals. If you have time and energy to invest, we will all reap the rewards. 


My RATES?: Please contact me by email, phone or appointment. 


Do I take INSURANCE? For many reasons, including addressing your privacy concerns, I do not take insurance assignment. However, I am covered by many insurers as an "out-of-network provider" 

STATEMENTS? Every month you will be provided with a monthly statement to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Best to check with your insurance company on their reimbursement rate for out-of-network providers.


Many people are struggling to make ends meet and so I set aside a number of spaces in my practice for those who have significant financial need. Please inquire about openings and we can discuss how you might qualify. 

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